DUST OFF: Acid-Pin-Ups I (JJ 005 – 1994)

Thomas P. Heckmann performing here, hiding behind the name Acid Pin-Ups and peeking at girls out there, having programmed for each of them a rough serenade. Acid record with tough and deformed sounds that, has unsuccessfully tried to add a funky edge to the entire stuff.
“Betty 101” and “Heather 202” just open the game that goes better with “Marilyn 404”, concluding the A-side and just riding rudely over you. On the flip, “Ivonne 808” takes a few steps closer to acid hop and “Cathleen 909” blinks to electro.
JJ was a label in Frankfurt, retaining a solid distance to hard trance that had infected Germany then. The acid platform’s first artist was Uwe Schmidt aka Atom Heart (aka Senor Coconut 🙂 whose interpretations on the theme “Azid Ramcash” will be still worth checking.

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