Soon it’s Halloween and an higher concentration of skulls and obscure figures can be observed even in Estonia. Monster theme has been immensely popular in the hardcore nation and also “Genetic Waste” lines up with threatening symbols. Hard sounds that have well survived the years after being issued in 1995.TheRead More →

It’s fun to take a train, thought DJ Sneak in 1995 and put out the second part of “Blue Funk”, for the fans of rail travel. Whereas Mr Sosa didn’t board an old-fashioned vehicle for admiring Swiss landscapes, but he steers a horsepower-packed Midwest freight train. The man himself said onceRead More →

At the end of September 37-year-old Detroit producer Aaron-Carl died of lymphoma. Final diagnosis was issued only a week before his final departure. Aaron-Carl was best known for his deep house productions, issued among others on Soul City, Underground Resistance sub-label, and later he created own platform Wallshaker Music. ButRead More →