Delta Funktionen – Setup One: Decorum (Ann Aimee 11) – 8/10

I don’t have any idea what kind of offices does the label Delsin have, but can imagine a brass coated plate at their doorsteps saying “Detroit consulate in Amsterdam”. Also Ann Aimee, Delsin’s department for more intellectual output shares the values of the mother “company”.
The newest by Delta Funktionen inclines to the floor and has only a few thoughtful moments. The plot is driven by Detroit-inspired tracks with heavy basses and metallic dubbiness. “Abundance” is a solid opener that goes like by deep techno manual, as does its twin “One’s Space” on the flip.
The best part comes with intense and thundering “Please Identify”, for the era of total surveillance with biometric passes and ever-present CCTV. It’s powerful and sharp, with some acid is dropped and showing the tougher face of the artist. B2, “Erosion”, makes to think about Torsten Pröfrock’s project of the same name, on Chain Reaction, and it’s also the most reduced piece here, blowing like autumn wind over the fallen leaves.
A well-done record that is like Toyota: Comfy and modern, but missing a certain kick for full enjoyment.

Delta Funktionen “Please Identify”

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