MD0 – Sepone Wisdom (SD Records 19)

Rating: 8/10

First it made me think of UND, the duo that produced theatrical tech-house with tongue-in-cheek attitude. MD0 turns an eye to Asia having captured voices from the life on young Japanese ladies who are fond of designer clothes and chic jewellery. Sound wise it is quite eclectic mix of techno, house and electro.
The A-side reveals its qualities in time as the second half grows into hectic acid house. Ladyships have fun and keep the party going while the sounds are pretty schizo. The B-side is, despite of girlie giggling, is heavier and delivers compressed electro funk that we know from former SD releases. Because of swaying percussion it reminds of Louis Guilliaume and of The Drum Club. Oh-la-la, quite a naughty thing and not for techno purists.
SD Records had several stellar moments some years ago, with releases by Syncom Data, Guilliaume, Roswell Return and others. The label is still in business and this anonymous artist, carrying the quality seal by SD, has succeeded in doing a playful release of a different kind.

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