Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave (Downwards 8)

Rating: 9/10

This is like a garage band performing in front of black-clad indifferent youth. Although ignorance reflects in distorted vocals and droning sounds of the Tropic Of Cancer, this is a release with passion and attitude.
This is not a well-polished production as even the voice of Juan Mendez is in unshaven mode when pushing post-punk thing with Camella Lobo. First ten seconds of “Be Brave” made me think about the return of The Cure, but despite of some rock feel the monotone track is an electronics monster with bass support.
Gloomy vocals of the original are gone on the B-side. It is reduced to one ever-present bass riff and a real legend is behind this vertiginous interpretation – Richard H. Kirk.
If a Downwards fan would wake up from a ten-year cryogenic sleep, he or she would immediately see that the world has changed. Instead of classic techno bangers the label is seeking new ways and with Tropic Of Cancer it has another example of forward-thinking electronics. The band will continue the travels with another EP due out mid-April and published by Blackest Ever Black.

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