DUST OFF: DBX – Losing Control (Peacefrog 022 – 1994)

The news that Peacefrog Records is celebrating the 20th birthday big time  – by repressing many out-of-print classics like DBX’s “Losing Control” –  is a good reason to return to this seminal release. Considering that in 1994 also Robert Hood’s “Minimal Nation” came out, it was a superb year for minimal(ist) techno – long time before the term minimal was worn out by mid-2000ies producers.

The title track of “Losing Control” with oscillating robo-voice and jacking dry rhythms is for me the genre-defining creation that belongs to techno’s all-time top 10. Well, this is an underground hit, but more amazingly entire EP does not have any weak links. Stripped-down, monotonous and in a devilish way hypnotising up to the “Spock’s Brain”, just an insane trip.

DJ Jokke, a legendary club scene animator from Helsinki, advised to get this record when I was visiting the Street Beat shop back in 1994. Unfortunately I lost the record at a party and had to hunt down one from Discogs. And now, when Peacefrog announced the repress, I did not hesitate a second to get it too.

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