Milton Bradley – A Sky Full Of Numbers (Do Not Resist The Beat! 06)

Rating: 9/10

No way, I have never resisted the beat and neither will here. Ultra-low bass hum in “A Sky Full Of Numbers” on the A-side would be good to test how tolerant your neighbors are. Somewhat bulky metallurgic ambiance is surrounded by bleeps, echoes and well-preserved sounds extorted from a wrecked Roswell spaceship, making this medium-paced track an intense experience.
On the B-side, spooky stinging loops in “The Path To Mathematical Truth” mean that we are in the eye of the currently omnipresent droning techno storm. Fretting sequences seize the control and the track would work well in the spectacular running scene of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.
Less rumble in “Numerical Analysis” that, though, falls not much out of the picture with underwater volcanoes extracting clouds of sulfur to the surface. Pokerface stuff.


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