Vernon Felicity – Bliss (Clone S.O.S.2)

Rating: 9/10

Please meet Mr Vernon Felicity, by name a fellow who could easily be a hidden artist from the beginnings of warehouse parties. No doubt this piece of dark-green vinyl expresses Clone’s love for overseas sound aesthetics, when the halos of Chicago and Detroit hover about this warmly rolling record.
“Scarlet Light” on the A-side starts with acid house feel that gradually receives warm chords and advances as a blissful journey of colored sounds. It’s a full-bodied and majestically grooving mover keeping the spirits up.
Jazzy keys and rougher rhythms are mingled with deeper house grooves and subtle acid on the B-side track “Autumn Leaves”. Despite of melancholic title it carries positive power. Also, amazingly the artist has managed to abstain from cliches that easily come up in this type of productions.
In fact, Vernon Felicity is not another (black) talent from America, but Dutchman Boris Bunnik, also known as Conforce and Versalife, who has done several records for Clone family so far.
This release can is also an award for those supporting real record shops: Because “Clone Store Only Series” is not available for mail order unless you grab one at Discogs.

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