Hype Williams – Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II (Hyperdub HDB052)

Rating: 7/10

Catalog number 52 is my first Hyperdub and my first Hype Williams. The label that introduced Burial might be searching for new directions as I can’t find any dubstep here. The question is, what genres does the record represent as in many aspects “Kelly Price …”  is more art and performance than music.
Four tracks in total and two of them clearly not for the floor. On snarling and clapping synth backdrop, “Rise Up”opens up slowly as a bloom under the rising sun. Spoken-word cut “Badmind” is like picked up from random US radio transmissions dedicated to cultural issues.
The best moments come when funky synths rattle in 80’s-electro-flavored “Farthing Wood Dub” and also the most danceable track, smoothly rolling “Boss Man”, aligns to that – only it’s far too short. Feels like the sketchy EP has been put together in haste instead of taking more time in the studio.
Will not initiate a discussion if Hype Williams are hypnancholic or hypnagogic, they are just different and remain in the frontline among today’s electronic bards.

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