Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress (Novel Sound NS-05)

Rating: 9/10

The heat is on in New York and radiating all over the world when Levon V. hits with the fifth release on his Novel Sound imprint.
Three tracks of sublime madness between house and techno start with equivocally named title cut “Man Or Mistress”. After leading in with ample bass line, the track spins around like a dervish. Sleazy synth hooks make it a perfect match for watching Russ Meyer’s “Mondo Topless” on mute. In a later phase hysteric horns break in to carry the track towards padded end.
On the B-side, “Making Headway” slams big time with metallic percussion like from a construction site field recording. Feeling too heavy and bulky as standalone track, it becomes a predator DJ tool when mixing into house or techno sets that need some life. “No Regrets” walks on a softer path with broad dubby chords and sensitive vocal I took my chances anyway to express the warmer side of the producer.
The value of “Man Or Mistress” lies in varied sound textures used in each of the three tracks that enable feeling the producer’s different emotions during the days that are not the same. Now I can join the chorus of those seeing excellence in Levon Vincent, after having hard time to access “Six Figures“.

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