Hypnobooster – Hypnobooster (Hypnobooster CD 2011)

Rating: 7/10
Subconsciously, I have been waiting for Hypnobooster’s debut since seeing his street art in central Tallinn. Nine lines of poetry invited to give to streets girl names. Gradually the identity of the outdoor visual artists was revealed, with the knowledge that Hypnobooster is preparing his first album. Upfront tracks on some compilations, like “HÕFF“, made anticipation rise.
The strophes about girls and street names are now materialized in “Pangem tänavatel’ tüdrukute nimed”, the standout track with metallic rock arrangement and pathetic power vocals by the man himself.  It gets good company from the wall of guitars and mystic chorus in “Mmm” and by expression of purity and untouched nature in “Seeds”, which concludes the CD with ten minutes of voices from the forests and meadows.
All these titles are at the end of the 13-tracker, after a number of rather commonplace compositions between big beat, trip hop and film scores. In the first half Hypnobooster is closely befriended with Tarantino’s spirit to spend jolly moments in shady bars, surrounded by desperados and chiquitas. Initial mood is branded by cinematic orchestrations like in “Darkmotion”, which almost trespasses to easy listening with visiting trumpet, trombone and lounge piano. After the jingle “El Hypnorado”, which sounds like sampling gothic wave group And Also The Trees, “Transparent City” feels the blues of a secret agent walking in the rain. Sensitive side of the artist is displayed in “If the World Should Stop Today” with fragile female voice.
Somehow Hypnobooster, known as Andre Pichen from the group Sinine, had created an image of arrogant crusader who searches uncompromising sides in the music, but domination of mid-tempo moods and movie scores is somehow unexpected. I have to admit missing some healthy industrial power and metal rage here. As a compensation extra credits go to the graphics of the release.
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