Plant43 – Dreams Of The Sentient City (SEMANTICA 41 – 2012)

Plant43 appeared on one of Semantica’s five year anniversary compilations and returns now with a four-track electro EP.

Most of the new material exhibits the melodic and placid side of electro, starting with “Neon”, good for nocturnal downtown cruising in a light drizzle. “Stellar Nursery” embarks on a space mission in more upbeat mood, expressed by blooming arpeggios and subtle disco bass, all resulting in a hefty dose of analog harmony.

After futuristic dreaming and little melody played in “Metamaterial Cloaking”, the gates are smashed open in “Fluid Reasoning” for a turbocharged cavalry, whereas Plant43 is not afraid adding some trance quotient to this wake-up call.

Although I’m tempted to compare Plant43’s new creation with the output of Gerald Donald, and of another Big D of Detroit electro, his handwriting is personal and free of any annoying cliches. Semantica is becoming increasingly a surprise box of electronic candies: Most of its output can be labeled as “techno”, but with a strong touch of versatility from ambient via electro to industrial techno.

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