Vapauteen – Weld (L.I.E.S.008.5 – 2012)

Don’t be misled by saxophone on the center label, it’s not a jazz record, but inspired by industrial noise and welds anything that can be welded. Now when Adam X resides in Berlin, Vapauteen takes the responsibility to radiate the hardest sound outta Brooklyn.

“Weld” is a mean and ugly stuff for strobe orgies, with machines screaming like orks in pain. “Measure” adds some bubbling lines to throbbing bass, like Green Velvet used to have in earlier days, and “Mediate” digs deeper with a hypnotizing acidified and heavy loop. If you like Ancient Methods or Traversable Wormhole, this is the one.

L.I.E.S., or officially Long Island Electrical Systems, has been turning many heads with releases by Legowelt, Marcos Cabral and Xosar – mostly labeled as house. Therefore Vapauteen may seem a very surprising signing, but as label head Ron Morelli told to LWE, “I’ll put out some post-punk shit. It doesn’t matter to me, you know? I’ll put out industrial shit. It’s just got to be good music.”

Although ‘vapauteen’ means “to the freedom” in Finnish, it’s not an artist from North Europe but Shawn O’Sullivan from North America.

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