Red Stars Over Tokyo – 4 Track 12″ (Hot Hair 05 – 2012)

One artist, one label – Red Stars Over Tokyo impressed on the previous release for his own Hot Hair and on the new EP the artist from Belgium continues strong performances. The release is an edition of 300, of which each 100 pieces pressed as clear, clear green or black vinyl.
Most of the EP could be described as grown-up electronica, but looking into depths of the compositions a notion of macabre beauty emerges. When we just take the first track “Two Lover Jumping Off The Roof” – musically it’s an expression of serenity, but this feeling is made void by the morose textual part, whispered by a female vocalist. Harmonic sound textures, but melancholic atmosphere characterize also “The House Of Erased Dreams” and “Trifling Madness”, an electronic ballad with male vocal. Only when you believe it’s all about hidden angsts, a liberating breeze comes with “Stop Staring At The Ground”, a rhythmic clattering on psy-ambient backdrop, as a proof of the artist’s ability to blend techno and electronica.

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