George Paar – Angulos Ligeramente Ocultos (Par Rec Wax 03 – 2012)

Release date is 10 August 2012

Uruguay seems a rather exotic place in terms of electronic music and the same applies to Nicaragua, the birthplace of George Paar who is now presenting his third vinyl release on own Par Wax label. Operating out of his current home town Montevideo, geographical distance to Milan or Munich is no handicap to deliver a few cuts of functional droning techno.
Although the peak of sounds fostered by Giorgio Gigli, Abdulla Rashim, Obtane, et al is slowly passing, Paar’s two original tracks are vigorous tools for after-midnight tripping. Bass goes in your face along usual ingredients like hiss, echoes and shredded dubs, especially making impact in my favorite „Prisma“.
Remixing duties are entrusted to Italians to extract some milder elements from the aggressive opener „Cilindro“ : The Noisemaker’s swaying dub-embraced interpretation wins over Ness’s linear Hypno Rework of the same tune.
Paar AKA Jorge Castillo has his roots in punk rock: Having lived in Miami in the early 1980’s he played bass guitar for an underground punk rock outfit named “Social Decay”, but since 1999 he has being involved in playing and creating techno sounds in Montevideo.

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