20 YEARS: Infamous live gig by PCP Frankfurt at the MayDay, 30 April 1993

The Possessed “Black Blood”, a PCP release from 1992

It was rather a revolt than live PA what happened at MayDay in Westfalenhalle Dortmund 20 years ago, on 30 April 1993. Infamous PCP (Planet Core Productions) crew from Frankfurt was admitted to the stage to present the current state of hardcore techno to the crowd, and they really did it.

“Konstablerwache”, “9 Is A Classic” were among the tools the PCP used during the performance, cut short to meagre 15 minutes and faded out with creamy trance sounds. You can perceive the anger and disappointment of HC warriors around Marc Trauner and Thorsten Lambart, as they were ready for more.

Luckily we have the footage, however with poor sound (i.e. noise) quality, about the historical show which was in a peculiar way the culmination of PCP’s story, marking also the start of its gradual artistic demise. Still the guys from Frankfurt created a phenomenon worth to remember. See ya in 2017!

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