Ascion and Shapednoise / D. Carbone – Basic Impact / MetemPsychosis (REPITCH1002 – 2013)

Release date is in April 2013

Now this is like an interrogation by rogue law enforcement officers in a damp and dark room, your hopes to escape as bright as the dusty 25 watt bulb hanging from the ceiling. Powerful and menacing, the second release in the 10-inch series of Repitch stages another drama by gladiators of industrial techno. For creating a perfect dark room setting, Ascion and Shapednoise roll out a thundering stepper with “Basic Impact”, a clattering and deep journey into the depths of the mind.
D. Carbone (“MetemPsychosis”) keeps the pressure with distorted riffs and mental bass coming like from mutated heavy metal mercenaries. It works its way through to the noisy break, escalating to excessive bass assault as a showcase of untamed power.

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