Varg – Misantropen (Northern Electronics NE1 – 2013)

Release date is in May 2013

Emerging from the chilly vastness of the North, Varg is a lonesome wolf howling with the voice of 303. Invited to be the first artist on Abdulla Rashim’s start-up Northern Electronics, Varg presents an ambitious LP to show the power of slow-motion acid journeys.

After esoteric storytelling in the opener “Mount Analogue”, the remaining seven tracks offer variations on the silver box programming. Those descending from the Holy Mountain will be subject to throbbing acid pulses in “Norrländska Vemodet”, the ‘dance track’ of the release, while the following “Skoptsy” toils up to the daylight from abandoned mine shafts. “Stambanan” offers some shelter from corrosive drizzle with lush dubbed-out pads and reduced “Wizard Howling With The Silver Box” floats on ambient sound particles. Twilight creatures in „Licwiglunga“ alert the dark side before the mood is changed to deep explorations in “Fimbulvetr“ and “Náströnd”.

The LP promises to give an epic start to the Northern Electronics and in its entirety, “Misantropen” is a most enjoyable piece of electronics. It might partly remind of Andreas Tilliander’s recent LP as TM404 and Plastikman’s 1990’s albums “Sheet One” and “Consumed”. Contrary to Rashim’s airborne tracks on his self-titled imprint, Northern Electronics has chosen a more experimental direction, leaving behind the Ethiopian birthplace of homo sapiens to embrace mythological heritage on the other side of the Arctic Circle.

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