Various – Nonnative 05 (SEMANTICA NNN 05 – 2013)

Nordic craftsmanship on the A-side of the Semantica’s fifth Nonnative release. For the start deep bass expert Juho Kusti from Helsinki narrates about “Twin Oaks”, throwing in sprawling dubs of Helical Scan standard and advancing confidently with swinging synth sequences, only distracted by deliberate cacophony at the mid-track.
Hailing from the cellars of Stockholm, S100 are twinning by sound with fellow Swedes SHXCXCHCXSH when they create in “Ssabbron” strobe-dominated black atmosphere with monotone old-school acid buzz and repetitive minimalist signalling.
On the flip Japan’s Imugem Orihasam researches the depths of “Excessive Self-Consciousness” with a trippy cut diffusing mechanical coldness and Semantica’s local Madrid scene is represented by Epiphany, inclining towards deep house with low-set bass groove and Detroit pads in “Decoy”.

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