Don’t DJ – rɪð.əm (Diskant DISK06 – 2013)

Diskant has been a highly satisfying label for anybody fond of drum-obsessed rhythms, when we only recall vigorous output by The Durian Brothers and Harmonious Thelonious.
Don’t DJ remains faithful to the label’s values with a new five-tracker called “rɪð.əm”, which is a phonetic disguise of “Rhythm”. The act is composed of one-fourth of Institut Für Feinmotorik and one-third of The Durian Bothers, which actually means there is one man behind the Don’t DJ project, Florian Meyer.

The vinyl-only EP with 500 copies pressed starts with intense drumming subject to sudden tempo changes in “Drob” while A2 track “looppool” emerges like a veiled extraction of “E2-E4” before cut short by complex drum patterns and glazing polyphonic sequences.
After a brief and pensive walk in African ambience with “Black Zebra”, the temperature is quickly rising when hypnotically revolving “Euclidean Grid” conquers the crown of the rhythmic noise king. For the end chilly winds are blowing in “end&” with bells of decaying sanctuaries tolling over barren landscape. Both intellectual and wild, “rɪð.əm” is a stimulating piece of music.

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