Terminal 313 Mix: Border Disorder Vol. 1 (self-made)

Offering a cross-section of electronic styles, “Border Disorder Vol. 1” is a living room recording covering several new and unreleased tracks along with some older fare.

Introductory sounds come from Sweden with Ulwhednar‘s macabre experimentalism “V” and “Aksum 2” from Abdulla Rashim‘s new journey in lunar dust. “Ivy” by These Hidden Hands gets remixed by Vatican Shadow and “Robirds” from Fabrizio Lapiana‘s second “Antimatter” release is reworked by fellow Italian Claudio Fabrianesi.

After Subsist’s Yuuki Sakai cybernetic tribal, Perc delivers with “Overbite” a tight industrial-minded cut from mini-compilation “Replay” on 10 Label. In the same hardline faction sits D. Carbone, represented in the mix also with his alter ego Honzo, and PVS’s “Intercellar” is a granular track from the upcoming EP on M_Rec Ltd.

The Chicago section starts with a track from 2000, when DJ Traxx remixed “Passionate” by techno gigolo DJ Hell, followed by L.I.E.S. and Russian Torrent wonder Beau Wanzer and Still Music boss Jerome Derradji with equally slamming acid house cuts. “Klonopin” is a classic Gemini track and then we return to techno trails with analog wizards Orphx and Estonian newcomer Skull Trading. The Perc again: “405” is a track from joint EP of Perc Trax and Pole Group and mixed with “Evening In Madagascar” by Tuomas Rantanen.

It was impossible to ignore Ireland’s Trensmat Records: Israel Vines remix of Stave‘s “Tower 9” is a tough one, as is the Honzo track, out soon on 3TH Records. “Fash” is a brilliant disco-esque floor burner from Blacknecks 0003 and Freak Electrique‘s “Parsec” comes from the archives before “End I” by SNTS closes this chapter.

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