Various – 1112013 Stopping Outwards (Stochastic Resonance SR006 – 2013)

Operating out of Rome, Stochastic Resonance issues the first vinyl after a handful of digital releases since 2011. Representing the lesser known experimental camp from Italy, the “1112013 Stopping Outwards” gets a beatless start with low-frequency resonance in Akamoi‘s “Little Black Box” and roaming bass and clicks in “Three Phase” by Ynaktera. After mediocre electronic lounge tracks by El Cosmonauta and Mariano the best pick starts with muezzin’s remote call introducing Ghostphace aka Matteo Silvestri from Rome. In “Rome Boredom” wall of distortion collides with caustic sequences for a post-techno experience, followed by another strong contribution by Scual with cathedral spirit meeting gloomy electronics in “The Fade Of John Gray”.

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