NX1 / Adriana Lopez – Grey Report 03 (Grey Report GR03 – 2014)

Instead of pretentious statements about delivering mysterious and timeless techno, NX1 and Adriana Lopez just give simple instructions: Move your a**. The label of the Colombian-born Barcelona resident Adriana Lopez reports for the third time, presenting a split release by Lopez herself and Samot & Surit aka NX1 from Barcelona.
In “GR1” the Spanish act gives a harder twist to the Basic Channel legacy with billowing synth patterns and “GR2” edges closer to mean techno textures. On the B-side the floor is taken over by Lopez’s “A Secret Behaviour”, running on a stringent and fat synth loop and passing the baton to another rough workout “Indicie”. Proper tools for crowd control and a life-enhancing experience on the Grey Report label.

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