Hot Guts – Wilds (Avant! Records AV!032 – 2014)

HotGuts_3mmCoverIt was the debut EP of Phase Fatale that made me aware of the Italian outlet Avant! Records and now its time to turn the eyes to another production of the US origin. After picking the opening track “All Suns” for my recent “Promos & Classics” mix, a listen to the entire album of the Philadelphia based post-industrial group Hot Guts looked as a good idea.

Except for synth interlude “Gold Silent”, the album is about real electronic songs, performed by Wes Russell with backing vocals of Shari Wallin who does also synth and drum machines. They clearly cherish the past and feel inspired by earlier acts like Joy Division, Skinny Puppy, even New Order, Electronic and The Cure.

Although saturnine moods prevail in “Wilds”, the dance factor is present in flatulent “Kite And Shadow” and “Fires”, both destined for ballrooms populated by boots and latex. Especially the B-side provides soundtrack for sullen moments, most strongly in the duo’s melancholic ballad “Kindness” and in “Drift”, a sassy tale of drained spaces.

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