DJ Stingray 313 ‎– Cognition (Lower Parts ‎LP07 – 2015)

st313_lowerpartsThis time, Detroit electro craftsman Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray 313 is reporting from Athens, Greece, having docked at the up-and-coming label Lower Parts. A trusted evangelist of immersive electro, Stingray puts up a convincing appearance across four tracks of the “Cognition EP”.

Those familiar with Ingram’s productions, know his affection for the world of sciences, either engineering, physics, or neuroscience, which is the main theme in “Cognition”. Inaugural technoid kicks of “Acetylcholine” are radiating thermal energy and most obviously arousing dance instincts, but soon the track becomes more complex when atmospheric pads appear, with a touch of The Other People Place and Tangerine Dream, and a distracted soul keeps moaning deep inside. Next track “Dendrite” activates jittery mechanical beats that go under the skin in similar manner, as did earlier EP “Electronic Countermeasures”, providing an example of a sterile and rational electro composition.

On the B-side, the artist retreats from the usual combat zone and feels like booking a relaxing getaway in azure blue waters. The warmth of lush sequences in “ERbB4” almost scratches the deeper side of house and reminds of Ingram’s material on [Naked Lunch]. After that, “ERbB4” gets reworked by the local hero Kon001, whose beautifully crafted yet muscular sounds invoke optical illusions arching over the horizon, speaking for a safe and sound ecosystem.

“Cognition” reaffirms Stingray 313’s talent of creating engaging tracks, when he covers a wide spectrum of electro for Lower Parts, the ambitious Greek label in full blossom. Before the interoceanic electro stalwart, the outlet secured German acid master Andreas Gehm for an EP and earlier presented the jacking expertise of Anopolis collective from Thessaloniki.

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