Edanticonf ‎– MCMLXXXIX (Wolfskuil Ltd ‎WLTD025 – 2015)

edanticonfItalian space traveller Edanticonf reports for duty again, this time on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil. Having debuted in 2011, the artist is foremostly known for a couple of dubbed out and atmospheric pieces on the Canadian label Silent Season, but also dropped a solid EP on M_Rec Ltd Grey Series last year.

Presented by the label as ‘a very personal statement from an artist’ – what else it could be – the title may refer to the author’s birth year because musically “MCMLXXXIX” does not have anything in common with the acid house or new beat craze that governed in 1989.

Maybe Silent Season’s label aesthetics play a role here, but for me Edanticonf’s sound creates associations with wild nature. The same applies for the first track “1989.1”, which stands for thoughtful moments at a remote creek. Aquatic effects, gradually emerging slo-mo rhythm and sweet pads create a relaxing atmosphere Edanticonf is known for.

On the flip, “1989.2” changes to the uptempo mood, when solid bass rolls along with some trancey layers, for spotting first butterflies leaving the winter sleep for new adventures. Again a well-rounded one by the Italian.

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