Secret Thirteen 159: Shawn O’Sullivan (STJ 159 – 2015)

Shawn-O-Sullivan-Secret-Thirteen-Mix-159Keywords like ‘Marc Acardipane’, ‘1990s’, ‘hardcore’, ‘Midwest rave’ have always alerted New York techno and synth wave artist Shawn O’Sullivan (Vapauteen, Further Reductions, Led Er Est). He belongs to the scene activists who believe that hardcore and acid techno played an important role in the evolution of 1990s electronic music. Hoover effects, nasty kick drums and crazy acid lines were part of the game that put the limelight on labels like Planet Core Productions, Dance Ecstasy 2001, Drop Bass Network, Direct Drive, etc.

Now Secret Thirteen has invited O’Sullivan to share his knowledge in a special mix covering many milestones of the 1990s harder techno. It was fast and furious these times, thus the 150-BPM rate of O’Sullivan’s mix was rather a standard back in the days. Most recommended peek to the history of rough beats.


 01. PCP's Phuture Project - Escape From 2017 (The Theme) [Planet Core Productions, 1996]
 02. Trip Commando - 3rd Trip-Phase [Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1995]
 03. Barracuda - Braineaters (The Mover Mix) [Elastic, 1997]
 04. Lorenz Attractor - Complexity Crisis [Praxis, 1995]
 05. Restaurant Tracks - Varta [Cheap, 1994]
 06. 303 Nation - Barcelona (Model # 1) [Dance Ecstasy 2001, 1994]
 07. Program 1 - MF Skulls [Planet Core Productions, 1994]
 08. Choose - Slowgan [Drop Bass Network, 1996]
 09. The Mover & Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear [Cold Rush Records, 1994]
 10. Woody McBride - Unlimited [Communique Records, 1995]
 11. Jeff Mills - The Hacker [Tresor, 1992]
 12. pHon - Saturday Nightmare [Ript Skin, 1998]
 13. Society of Unknowns - Dead By Dawn (The Endless Mix) [Praxis, 1997]
 14. Argonic vs. Atom X - Clinic - B (hall99) [Audio Illusion Recordings, 2000]
 15. Christoph De Babalon - Opium [Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR), 1997]
 16. Lory D - Effetto M [Sounds Never Seen, 1994]

For Terminal 313, O’Sullivan’s mix is a reminder to complete the second edition of “Barely Under 140 BPM“, a selection of ugly and noisy material from the 1990s. Stay tuned.

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