DUST OFF: Spesimen – Delight of Babylon (Amici Curiae Recordings CASE-385 – 2001)

spesimen_blogAndy Crosby got hooked on the electronic music in the 1990s while he was studying computer science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Surrounded by computers and Detroit’s powerful halo, Crosby adopted the artist name Spesimen and established electro label Infocalypse Recordings in 1996.

It was the time when another Ann Arbor label, Interdimensional Transmissions, had emerged with first releases, to become via “From Beyond” an enduring operation for the next twenty years and more. The story with Infocalypse was different: A short-lived imprint, which was able to release only two, now very sought-after EPs, “The Pupae” and “The Larval Stage”.

Spesimen’s “Delight Of Babylon” followed the Infocalypse phase in 2001 and remained the only release of Amici Curiae Recordings. The title track of the finely produced EP is a dubbed out interpretation of electro with fondling synth passages. The B-side is of stricter kind, featuring “Sir Popsalot” and nocturnal roller “Centali”, the EP’s highlight.

Crosby has later worked as game and sound designer in the video game industry and after 2003 EP on Pomelo, there haven’t been any new Spesimen transmissions, except for occasional uploads to Soundcloud and Youtube. Despite of rare appearances, Spesimen’s contribution to the electro scene has been a significant one.

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