Mix: Barely Under 140 BPM Vol. 2

b_u_140bpmAbout two years ago I fiddled around with my old school favourites from the ’90s for a mix called “Barely Under 140 BPM”. Now it’s time for the second edition of nineties techno, which includes tracks from German hardcore labels, such as PCP, Labworks, Super Special Corp., from US outlets Drop Bass Network and Temple Records N.Y.C., as well as from the UR. Coming to the present day, Earwiggle, Ophism, 3TH Records and ZCKR are on board this time.

If you prefer a faster and darker approach, then the next stop is Shawn O’Sullivan’s (400PPM, Vapauteen) mix for Secret Thirteen.




“Barely Under 140 BPM Vol.2” tracklist:

1. Silicon Dream – Space Intro (Key One)
2. Phuture The Next Generation – Times Fade (Club Mix) (Djax-Up-Beats)
3. Mike Dearborn – Razorsharp (Djax-Up-Beats)
4. The Infiltrator – Extraction (UR)
5. Red Planet – Star Dancer (Red Planet)
6. Cusp – Venusian Dream Realm (Swim ~)
7. Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase (Attack Records)
8. E-Trax – Yo Te Quiero (Technoland)
9. Distortion Bastardz – Untitled/A1 (Super Special Corp.)
10. Abe Duque – Chocolate Delight (Radical Ambient)
11. The Mover – Nightflight (Nonstop To Kaos) (Planet Core Productions)
12. Lords Of Afford – Do Laugh (Whitey Part 4) (Sabrettes)
13. Subhead – Savaloy (Subhead)
14. Paul Birken – Mucho Macho (Drop Bass Network)
15. Gizz TV – Truck Driver (Temple Records N.Y.C.)
16. Manni Dee – Oligarch Orgy (Earwiggle)
17. Gaja – E (Ophism)
18. Lucindo – Act 140 (3TH Records)
19. T-Bone Castro – I Want Cha (Women Here Part 2) (Planet Core Productions)
20. Panasonic – Murto (Blast First)
21. Synthadelic – I’m A Secretary (React/Fax)
22. Cellblock X – Return Of Spoo (Labworks)
23. 2 Def DJ’s – Spirit (Space Cube Remix) (23 Frankfurt)
24. Tobs – HB Hardcore (ZCKR)
25. Drax Two – Middle Earth (A13/Trope Recordings)

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