VC-118A – B76 Over Land (Radio Matrix RAM-X-07 – 2016)

vc-118a-rmatrixSamuel van Dijk’s VC-118A is airborne again, this time on Delta Funktionen’s label Radio Matrix, where the Dutchman affirms his position as a cutting-edge electro artist. Initially, van Dijk operated mostly under the dub-inclined alias Mohlao – still remember his track from “Full Circle”, the very first vinyl release of the Vancouver label Silent Season – but for a while it has been difficult to ignore his output as VC-118A, a vehicle for deep electro trips. Of recent releases, “Vlucht Naar Nachtschade” (Lunar Disko) and “Propulse” (Tabernacle) have landed in my shelf and the same applies for “B76 Over Land”.

VC-118A’s further electro adventures with glass-breaking bass and muscular 808 sequences are introduced with the half-minute “Intro”, a sinister transmission we are used to intercept from the robotic skulls of Ultradyne. The first tones of the following, title track, predict ongoing bass chug, but emerging floral textures take it to the ethereal direction. Packed with the bass from the first moments, “Vex” adopts a veering, joyful synth line with a slight cocadisco kick we know from The Hague labels such as Viewlexx. The B-side casts aside all moderation aspirations in terms of darkness and offers with “Vapor” and “Trigger” two interrogations that are challening the stomach’s bass resistance, before the chapter is closed with sparse and abstract “Din”.

Points: 9 of 10

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