REVIEW: Jack Murphy – Knowing Something 1 (KS 1 – 2016)

ks1After only three solo EPs – on Frozen Border sublabel Reference and Don’t Be Afraid’s Special Editions series – San Francisco resident Jack Murphy has decided to become a music publisher and launches his own Knowing Something imprint with a self-titled EP.

The label debut can be only conditionally called techno because Murphy’s less-is-more approach aims at gentle, transparent sounds and if we were in mid-2000s, he could act as a saviour in the otherwise challenging post-minimal phase.

The A-side opener “Haze” excels in mildness from percussion to textures of aquatic kind, in an exhibit of crisp, snappy minimalism. With delicate pads and pensive rhythms, “Wolfie Home (PPP Mix)” remains in the waterworld, feeling like slowed down jungle with strong wellness factor.

There is more happening on the B-side: “Third Character” arrives in the bass sector with spooky voices echoing in the background and at mid-track wriggling synth line adds extra swing to the track with a grade of abstraction, before electro meets violet pads in “XLXM 3” to wrap up the EP in a convincing way.

Points: 8 of 10

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