Terminal 313 for Lower Parts mix

lower_parts_mixIn recent years, Lower Parts has become one of my favourite labels that has not only engaged international talents but also boosted a new generation of electronic producers from native Greece.

When the label founder Panajiotis aka Asty Tekk asked me for a mix I felt really honoured. Now the result is available on Lower Parts Soundcloud: you are welcome to check my home-made mix and also the label’s past and upcoming releases. The tracklist is included below.

Abe Duque – Endorsements (Abe Duque Records)
Planetary Assault Systems – Gruve (Peacefrog)
Fred Giannelli – Sorcery (Telepathic)
Bernard Badie – Time Reveals (Mojuba)
Anopolis – Anopolis 16 (Lower Parts)
Shifted – Clairvoyance Part II (Drifting Over)
Komarken Electronics – Early Mornings / Delta Funktionen Remix (Brokntoys)
Myztical – Drugs (Downfall Theory)
Johannes Heil – Amen (Fieber Records)
Giorgio Gigli & Brendon Moeller – Sudden Stillness (Att Series) + special guest appearance
Mono Junk – Dimension (DUM Records)
Blake Baxter – Acid Warp Time Travel (Killekill)
H&S – Acid Wash (unreleased)
CT Trax – Walk For Me (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
Dez Williams – Acidbanger (Vanta Series)
Futurhythm – Phuture 2 (Nova Mute)
Jonas Kopp – Sonic Quest (Semantica Records)
Leiras – Aoroi (Silex Device)
Blue Hour – Averting (Infrastructure New York)
André Kronert – Into The Zone / Mannerfelt & Grindvik Rework (Stockholm LTD)
DJ Deep & Roman Poncet presents Adventice – Data Retrieval (Tresor Records)

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