REVIEW: 6D22 – Ištar (Zeinkali ZNKL 001 – 2017)

6D22 "IŠTAR" EP cover.The year 2017 started with two new release announcements from artists who have something common in sound. This explains why they both have appeared on the same label, Mathematics Recordings from Chicago. Now John Heckle and Giorgio Luceri are taking separate ways. The UK producer prepares for April a double pack on Tabernacle, which promises of warm gusts between house and techno that may recall John Beltran’s tunes from the nineties.

Using the 6D22 alias, the Italian Luceri has the honour to launch Zeinkali, a new label from Tbilisi, Georgia. When listening to the A-side, the description ‘harmony house’ started to sound in my head because of immense positive sensations it transmits. Conceived under the watchful eye of the Assyrian-Babylonian goddess Ištar, a journey of enchanting sounds begins with a classic yet driving mixture of hi-hats, gleaming pads and ample chords that work well together. Then the first tones of the A2 (“0938342-2/26”) remind of Moby’s “Go” but actually we get another example of vintage Chicago masterclass in this merrily rolling house tune with acid worms.

The B-side tracks are of stronger build when B1 gets an upgrade to bouncy drums, and rainforest chirps are reminding of “Papua New Guinea”. The title cut “IŠTAR” is a caustic splash with electro hop roots, the lighter shade furnished by delicate keys. A promising start for Zeinkali.

Points: 9 of 10

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