REVIEW: Galaxian – Blowback (Foul-Up DOWN3 – 2017)

This has been waiting to happen, a truly remarkable release on Foul-Up, a Danish-run label from Berlin that launched in 2016 with “Limerence EP” by Misantrop, a project by the label founder Nicolai Vesterkær Krog. After a LP from Metalized Man earlier this year, the third release of the label that is keen to explore the electronic fringes enters the electro cluster with an eight-tracker from Galaxian, which is a mask-wearing alter ego of the UK producer Mark Kastner.

Galaxian’s proven industrial take on the genre is reflected in the convulsive opener “Truth Seizure” and in abstract thrusts of “Parasitic Seduction”, sounding like a certified Tongestaltung of H.R. Giger’s legacy. Remaining in the low light area, deep-diving vocoder narrative “Forget About It” is a standout track with slight references to hip-hop rhythms in some passages. Clearly for floor use, its first tones remind of DJ Stingray 313, with whom the intrepid Glaswegian has worked together before.

The hectic cast-iron jam “Ouroboros” takes us back to a hazardous area and after being swept over by the synth line of “Coercion”, the next track “Tunnel Vision” is noisy and immersive to the core. From the brighter side comes magnificent title track “Blowback”, which is drinking from the source of genuine funk, before the hovering outro “A Grand Delusion” closes the game.

“Blowback” is a good reason to remain enthusiastic about Galaxian’s rest of 2017, especially when “Dosing The Population” has dropped on the Greek label Lower Parts and further contributions are expected on Shipwrec and Return to Disorder. More about the artist and his plans on the Inverted-Audio site.

Points: 9 of 10

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