Terminal 313 mix for Kopli.live (August 4, 2017 at Sinilind, Tallinn)

From grime and house to techno and Balearic – the Kopli.live project was initiated in Tallinn this winter by DJ JFL to bring together music lovers who are ready to drop their favourites in public recording sessions at different locations in the city.

By today, over 40 sets have been taped when after the summer break selectors like Endamisi Salamisi (Isaiah Tapes, Trash Can Dance), Leiner & Kalvik (Lejal Genes) and Terminal 313 got together to Cafe Sinilind.

In my mix, I wanted to present some new tunes that have caught my attention, as well as some classic tracks from the both sides of the Atlantic. Here it comes.

 Terrence Dixon - Like A Thief In The Night (Tresor)
 Peder Mannerfelt - Joan @ The Rave (Peder Mannerfelt)
 Spesimen - Sir Popsalot (Amici Curiae Recordings)
 Lost Trax - Faith (Shipwrec)
 Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls (X-Beat Mix) (Multiply Records)
 Arnold Steiner – Inertia Collision (Metroplex)
 The Drum Club - U Make Me Feel So Good (Guerilla)
 Gary Martin – Lupita (Teknotika Records)
 Ancient Methods - Swallow The Screw (Candela Rising)
 John Selway - Acid Morning (Aciiieeed!)
 Voiski - 205 Colorline (Dement3d Records)
 P.E.A.R.L. - Vortex (47)
 Rory St John - Five Minutes Of Forgiveness (Voitax)
 Cari Lekebusch - Knowledge: Una (H. Productions)
 DJ Skull - Panic (Red Cat Records)
 Lester Fitzpatrick - Frantic Frenzy (Relief Records)
 Keith Tucker - Alien Radio Version 2 (Twilight 76 Records)
 Second Storey - Attack Of The Modlings (/DL/MS/ Remix) (TRUST)
 Scan 7 - Thank You Lord (Elypsia)

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