REVIEW: Various – Unruhe (Enfant Terrible ET048/Gooiland 27 – 2017)

Enfant Terrible offshoot Gooiland Elektro comes with sweeping cuts between distorted techno and acid, from four artists who like it raw. Out since April this year, “Unruhe” is a loud compilation that begins with “Endzone” from Zarkoff, a Croatian artist whose machine escapades are reaching Ekman’s levels. Thereafter Roberto Auser, mostly known as retro italo artist, drops piercing stomper “Acidmother”.

Justyna Banaszczyk aka FOQL from Poland is a new name to me but her crunchy “Certainly Not” is a robust experience with repetitive female samples. The best comes for the last: Jacob Slofstra aka The Untitled “Sleep Paralysis” hits with a long, fierce 303 intro before murder bass and whirlwind acid action, which reminds of Mike Henk’s output from the nineties. The ten-minute mayhem at 150 BPM explains well one of the Dutchman’s aliases, Speedcore Industries.

Points: 8 of 10

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