Minimum Syndicat – Zenosyne EP (Tripalium Records TRIP004 – 2017)

“Zenosyne EP” is a rave-minded gust from Tripalium, which is a renowned yellow smiley brotherhood from France and steadily providing vitriolic noise for the floors. The fourth release within the Tripalium Records Rave Series sees Minimum Syndicat in the controls, a French collective that has been around for almost ten years and running also own self-titled label.

The ethereal intro of “Seasaw” makes to anticipate a flying saucer touchdown. Once arrived, the greetings are expressed with squelching acid lines and eerie horns. Similarly themed “Kenopsia” sees semi-human creatures rushing over the fields, spurred by bittersweet hoover stabs.

Obscure forces enter the stage with the standout track “Belgian UFO Wave”, a nightmarish slow-motion stomper featuring strange phased vocals and biting 303 sound, while industrially percussive acid anthem “Zenosyne” keeps up psyched out atmosphere.

Tripalium is certainly not going to rest because a split session by DeFeKT and Maelstrom has been announced for December 2017.

Points: 8 of 10

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