REVIEW: BS-1 – Age Of Aggression (Discos Atónicos DATO 02 – 2018)

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Electro barbarian at the gate

Only a few months ago I added to my wishlist “Machine Of Hate” (Marguerita Recordings), the 2010 debut release from BS-1. The tracks are about roaring doomsday electro – not surprising from someone who in younger years used to listen to Kiss, Slayer and Anthrax, before turning to electronic music in the mid-nineties. The alias BS-1 belongs to Roland van Oorschot from Utrecht (Netherlands) who has also worked under the aliases Fuxiun and Utroid and jammed together with good friend Cosmic Force, known for brain-eating acid electro sets.

Now Ultradyne’s mental kin serves up a monochrome snapshot of current affairs with “Age Of Aggression” where apocalyptic track titles are perfectly matching BS-1’s industrial electro style. This is the second and a much-recommended release on Discos Atónicos, a label from Berlin which is run by Spanish-born DJ and artist Alienata.

The five-tracker’s demonic nature is already revealed in the grueling title track, while the semi-acidic “Kill Switch” is pulled by wall-shattering bass and stalking robo voice. “Genetic Waste” would appeal to EBM gurus when a tsunami of noisy synths and compelling grooves is rising in the horizon, Lucifer’s angels screaming of joy when spraying graffitis on human skin.

The B-side has left enough fuel in the tank when “Fear Of A Dead Planet” kicks off with nervous synth staccato and maintains the state of turmoil with proven formulas. The BPMs are dropped for the requiem “Eternal Oblivion”, where melancholic strings laid on sluggish bass arrangement. One of the hardest electro releases for 2018.

Points: 9 of 10

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