REVIEW: The Pulse Projects – Black Catalogue Rituals (2004-2005) (Subapical02 – 2018)

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Biting electro and Aphexian metallic melancholia

‘Eindhoven’s rave veteran’ Albert van Abbe is known for running own labels No Comment and Vanabbe for coarse minimalism with spaced out elements, while the Dutchman’s Datasmok alias has been reserved for sulphuric distortions. For the second release on the Brokntoys offshoot Subapical, van Abbe has unearthed The Pulse Projects he has used for digital releases many years ago.

Like the title says, the recordings are from van Abbe’s archives and by sound palette split between two directions. Electro is honoured to open both sides: “Zeta”, in a heavy duty iteration with punching beats and sandpaper synth stabs, and “Object (Objectives)” that after feeling disoriented, spreads it wings to offer rhythmic variations along with appealing melody.

The other two are like confessions of Aphex Twin fan and not too different from The Pulse Projects’ earlier contribution to Brokntoys’ mini compilation “Invisible Darning”, when metallic melancholia emerges in “Likeit” and “Rulucky”, the latter’s noisy IDM foundations flirting with EBM-reminiscent sounds.

Points: 8 of 10

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