REVIEW: Plant43 – From Deep Streams (Shipwrec SHIPLP07 – 2018)

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Ambient journey from the Sentient City’s ambassador

Having lately listened to “Calakka” from Juergen Junker’s stunning 2004 EP “You’re About To Be Moved”, for some reason I connected its ambient-like chords to “Sea Of Stardust”, the first tune from Plant43’s new album. It was a surprising sensation because Emile Facey, the Ambassador of Sentient City, is an acclaimed electro producer, most recent example being the first release of the new label Eudemonia. But in the second album for Shipwrec, Plant43 takes a surprising break from the electro spell and reveals his admiration of ambient sounds.

Plant43’s back catalogue proves his talent of embedding atmospheric layers to the electro tracks and it explains the foundations of the album “From Deep Streams”, which delivers a wealth of sultry sequences for the ear and mind. The order of individual tracks favours uninterrupted listening experience, resembling to a journey on a plateau without any sudden movements.

It’s not easy to point out favourite tracks, but in addition to the abovementioned opener, “Cloud Iridescence” is an enchanting ambient piece along with “Banished Voices” and “Hawthorn & Hornbeam”, where chirping birds are showing the way to a secret forest. The liveliest moments arrive with “Roots Grow Deeper”, while “Brush Of Wigs” is a minimalist drone exercise in this enjoyable synth work that turns the daily sorrows to joys.

Points: 8 of 10

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