REVIEW: Komarken Electronics – Humanity Plus (Between Places BP003 – 2018)

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Rising from the shores of tranquillity

Sweden’s one-man electro manufacture is at it again. After in 2016 a brilliant EP on Brokntoys opened my eyes for Komarken Electronics, I’ve turned into a regular customer. However, that hasn’t been too difficult because the artist from Kungälv prefers quality over quantity and releases about one record per year. “Ishvara” on AC Records, both on red and black vinyl, was another treat and the new EP on Solar One Music’s offshoot Between Places deserves attention again.

“Humanity Plus” could be described as a journey into electro’s melodic side that offers the highlight for the start. “And Again …” is a space age romancer that has inherited its sweetness from disco wave, dropping a catchy mix of synth hooks and melodies and will challenge Alden Tyrell’s finest tunes. Compared to the previous, “Better Tomorrow” is pensive, even shy but offers an irresistible opportunity to admire the secluded shores of tranquillity.

All that said, the EP has its uptempo side too and the following tunes are picking up the pace, enjoying acid baths at moderate temperatures. Along with “AGI”, rather hawkish title tune “Humanity Plus” is a clear invitation to a boogie session and somewhat nervous “Perceptual Paradox” is their defiant kin.

If you would like to know more about the artist, here’s an interview with Komarken Electronics from 2016.

Points: 9 of 10




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