Kleft – H+ Sexualis (Domestic Exile DEX005 – 2019)

“H+ Sexualis” is a marvel from Glasgow underground, conceived by the local artist Vickie McDonald who has joined Domestic Exile for the debut release under the Kleft alias. Formerly associated with punk and noise groups such as Divorce, Mourn, Zone Collective and Cartilage, McDonald now supplies an adhesive for unifying different segments of bass-saturated electronic dance.

On the one hand, the six-tracker can be tagged as ‘bass music’ or ‘jungle’, when listening to the opener “Ossein” or to “Hackfleisch Deluxe” with modulated voices and bumpy breaks from electric dancehall that would match Clouds’ recent album. In the same league we find bass and breaks orgy “Bruises & Bleeding Hands” with hoovers keeping early hardcore fans awake.

The other cluster of this versatile release can be tagged as ‘techno’: if we take kick drum bonanza “Cmbr” or “Writhe, Squirm, Broken”, which begins with tinny Green Velvet percussion and builds up to fat thuds akin to Neil Landstrumm funk. Panting synth monster “Keratin” is a peak time monster, sending dazzling searchlights over a dimmed city.

With almost 30 minutes of playtime on heavyweight wax, rough mutated sound of “H+ Sexualis” is definitely a secret weapon for 2019, in a perfect sense of underground.

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