Majestic 12 – Descendants Of Starfish Prime (Pi Gao Movement PGM-008V – 2019)

After much-appraised “Ocular Animus” last summer, Ultradyne’s Pi Gao Movement has commissioned a vinyl release of secret UFO committee sound files that were recorded by the Majestic 12 alias in 2011. “Descendants Of Starfish Prime” is written with the blackest ink and comes from the junction of dark electro and EBM.  First instructions for perilous journey are found in the slimy crawler “Document MJXIII”, while the industrial jitter “Revelation From The Uninspired” is a pacemaker matching the darkest sectors of Drexciya’s heritage.

The curtains remain closed and hardly any daylight is let in for the B-side. Firstly, “Where You Belong” appears as a radio interference and proceeds like spasmic Front 242 with foggy and distressing voice bits. Bass levels are peaking in “Work For Idle Hands”, with muscular grooves for people who had Bigod 20 poster in the teenage room.

Buy vinyl from Juno (UK)
Buy vinyl from Decks (DE)
Buy vinyl from Clone (NL)


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