***** DeFeKT – Magnetic Resonance (Winthorpe Electronics WED12X3 – 2019)

By sleeve art, one may think the record belongs to the same section with The Moomins or The Smurfs soundtracks, a visual diversion that signals the content being somewhat surprising too. Because when speaking of DeFeKT, another set of electro tunes would have been a reasonable expectation as the Irishman is known from previous releases on Cultivated Electronics, Earwiggle and numerous other labels.

But instead of purist electro, both sides open with technoid disco grooves (“Magnetic Resonance”, “Split My Mind”) that would deserve fan mail from Bangkok Impact or Chase Smith. “Modular Vision” rolls out heavy gear with bumpy broken beats and then embarks to a dreamy journey, which recalls Marco Bernardi’s “The Dancing Clowns”. My favourite track is “Seq2”, a neo-Detroit mover with cascading chords not unfamiliar to the fans Robert Hood and his The Vision release on Metroplex.

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