***** Dez Williams – By Whatever Means Necessary (Mechatronica MTRON020 – 2020)

Glad to see Dez Williams back on Mechatronica with the second solo EP for the label and it’s another standout work of knotty breaks and bouncy thuds. Williams, a remarkable producer from a small Welsh island, has been turning heads in neighbouring genres, such as acid techno or IDM, but remains primarily a respected and individualistic electro producer. Obviously he’s not caring much about ‘current trends’ and rather conceives intricate sounds within own creative space.

The opening track “Layin Down” is a heady modular cut dipped in junglist beats, not necessarily targeting the floor, but things evolve in convulsive disco offspring “French Letter”, which is driven by explosive synth staccato. Longing for break dance era, “No Indication” is dashing on a morose speedway and then exposed to industrial minded grilling by L.F.T., when the German artist is doing the damage with grim voices and ruptured hoover stabs.

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