***** eoism – Collapse Yourself (Pulse Drift Recordings PDR007 – 2020)

The city of Jena can be proud of Carl Zeiss, a 19th century optician and entrepreneur who was connected to the place for most of his life. Connected to Jena are also the artist Eoism and Pulse Drift Recordings in their pursuit of precision in a different way than Zeiss, by translating underlying fascination for mechanical romantics into modern electronics. The electro act’s third solo EP “Collapse Yourself” impresses with crisp and clear sounds that are located on electro’s placid side. Still the five-tracker offers in equal measure variations between deep bass and melodic layers.

Opening with moody funk “Hypernorm” where machine-bitten vocals are transmitting orders to the humanity, sturdy bass of “Notorious Flat Nation” is suitable for a night time offroad adventure in August, under spectacular showers of Perseids. “Machines Of Loving Disgrace” are cruising on electro driveway of the past, unfortunately ending in my copy far too early and abruptly at the 2:30 mark. Calm yet galvanized cascades in “Whiteout” and cloud spotting in “Critical Slowdown” with a singing bass line and assertive strings are filling the B-side of a real treat that comes in transparent pink vinyl.

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