***** Konerytmi – Happolaatikko EP (Electro Music Coalition EMC V008 – 2021)

Competing by the number of aliases with Legowelt, Kirill Junolainen is undoubtedly a very productive artist, and since the last year his focus has been on the electro project Konerytmi (‘Machine Rhythm’). Born in Russia, but now closely connected to Finland, a country of his ancestors, Junolainen has been involved in the St Petersburg label Electro Music Coalition from its early days, with projects like Lazer Kontinent, Harlamov, Juno Lazermachine, etc., and now returns to the label with a fine set of electro tracks.

Already the color of the snow-white vinyl signals the mood we may expect and most of the time, Konerytmi is pursuing smoother electro sounds. The A-side offers two living room tunes (“Ajastin”, “Aivosolu”), while thrusting “Ajaton” are of different breed, treating the crowd with agile acid lines – seems legit as the EP’s title translates “Acid Box”. The B-side continues in melodic flair (“Lokakuu”, “Lakritsi”, “Meripihka”) with occasional acid bits and sturdy synth leads, maintaining tranquil atmosphere.

The digital catalogue of the Electro Music Coalition goes back to early 2010’s and I discovered it last year during a trip to St Petersburg. When I asked friendly staff of a record store in the Berthold Center about new Russian electro, I left with an EP from Low Orbit Satellite and a split release by Information Ghetto and PQ17.

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