FINNISH BITS: Konerytmi, Matti Turunen, Mono Junk

**** Konerytmi – Muotiviesti (Eudemonia 012 – 2022)

For a change, prolific electro artist Konerytmi gets dressed in disco outfits and animates the crowd with nonchalant synth-pop on the A-side. After hanging out with neon-clad soccer moms (“Turun Palloseura”), “Ikuisesti Nuori” seeks eighties sweetness with a bubbling 808 and “Uimaranta” takes a splash in italo waters. The other side is a tribute to a world-famous group from Düsseldorf, “Valokuvaus” carrying the vibe of “Neon Lights” and “Aikakone” employs the robots, before “Muoti 1986” shares catwalk with Bangkok Impact. All vintage from end to end on the EP that perfectly fits Eudemonia’s style.

***** Matti Turunen – Radau – Cultivated Electronics Ltd (CELTD011 – 2022)

After appearances on Cultivated Electronics as part of Morphology, Matti Turunen detaches from the duo for a moment. His solo effort recalls Muhk Records releases about a decade ago, though the current EP is less acidic with four solid electro cuts. Familiar layers are spread over the lands in the oxygenous opener “Aureum”, followed by more athletic “Xhante”. The best things happen on the B-side: After a placid intro, “Radau” turns into a magic reflection of Drexciya’s “Black Sea”, to justify the track title’s German meaning, and “Memnonia” is romancing with subwoofer, abundant synth cascades decorated with dub endnotes.

***** Mono Junk – Iäti (Cold Blow BLOW10 – 2022)

Lo-fi charm for the start with a karaoke bar confession (“Iäti”), Mono Junk’s freaky vocal effort ‘forever yours’ amplifying a sweet DIY effect. The EP’s highlight “Love Divine” – as classic Kimmo Rapatti’s track as it can be – is a perfect past-midnight tool with wooden percussion and misty vox. After rustic electro “See Y” and post-EBM romance “I Am Yours (You’re Mine”, analog assault “Jam Band” imprisons the mind and body with psychedelic bass grooves. Larger-than-life sounds that remind of Mono Junk’s EPs on Forbidden Planet and connected to the “Vanished” album on the same label.

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