***** Jimetta Rose & The Voices of Creation – How Good It Is (Day Dreamer DD007 – 2022)

“How Good It Is” – a much-needed album right now, when the war is raging in Ukraine, incessant pandemic is making new rounds and inflation driven economic turmoil is approaching. “How Good It Is” conveys a clear message: Cheer up and think about the sunny side of life!

The Voices of Creation are from Los Angeles, led by vocalist and songwriter Jimetta Rose and composed of non-professional singers who volunteered for the project. The outcome can be regarded as group therapy, for sending the warmest sonic greetings from heart to heart and wiping off the worries of everyday life. Carrying strong gospel and jazz influences, the album offers in abundance charming vocals on grooving instruments, reaching back to the early years of funk and soul (“Answer The Call”). Swinging celebration “Spirits Up Above” is one of the peak moments, along with two covers from the 1978 album by Sons And Daughters Of Lite: Their title song “Let The Sunshine In” and “Operation Feed Yourself”, which is a multi-vocal tale of urban struggle.

Strong sense of spirituality is enhanced by the fact that the album was recorded in a church in East Pasadena, California. Though not club music, especially the first tunes of the LP would fit well the sets of conscious deep house DJs.

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