*** Killerkat – Out Of The Blue EP (self-released – 2021)

New tracks from the Estonian techno project Killerkat, a driving force behind the HALL club in Tallinn, who is playing on the 1990’s pitch in the first halftime. Rooted in the spirit of Harthouse and Superstition, semi-trance “Ripple Drift” is paving the way to my favorite, “Cherry Tree”, a mature production with dubby synth lines recalling the Atlantic Ocean’s “Waterfall”, and broken beats closer to the end. Two versions of “Cosmic Connection” are less inspirational when offering looping synth buzz, while agile “Test Result” with ‘positive/negative’ puts the ongoing global health concerns into the dance context. By the way, a lovely cat on the ‘cover’, which reminds me of recent Bad Manners sleeves.

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